Made in America


Made in USA

We’re able to make decisions based on more than just the bottom line because we’re a family owned business. Helping maintain American manufacturing infrastructure means we have smaller profit margins, but at the same time we’re doing our part to build stronger communities here at home. This is how you fix social and economic problems the American way. Individuals freely deciding to do what needs to be done brick by brick, not governments bungling around with top down half-solutions. Our customers understand this and part of why they choose to send their hard earned dollars our way is because they also believe in investing in American infrastructure.




First Spear
First Spear

First Spear was built by the same team that made Eagle great. It is a family and partner owned business with a brand new state of the art production facility in Fenton Missouri. They have their own line of tactical equipment and a number of OEM customers such as us.  We're a small company ourselves, but we have a lot of manufacturing capability through our partnership with First Spear.

We were lucky enough to fall in with First Spear before they had their production line set up. We knew a guy, who knew a guy. That’s really been the basis of our partnership with FS. From the beginning, we were doing business with people who operate the way we do – do a good solid job without cutting corners, fix problems head on when they come up, don’t be chickenshit about the little things, and above all be trustworthy. It should come as no surprise that this results in production quality as good as you can get anywhere and a very easy going working relationship.


Incorporated in 2005, SOLKOA, Inc. brings 30 years of direct experience in Joint and Multi-Agency Personnel Recovery (PR) and Survival, Evasion, Resistance, & Escape (SERE) education, operations, and technologies. SOLKOA Inc. traces its roots to the mid 1980’s with its founder’s seminal work at Fort Rucker under the late COL James N. Rowe’s direction as one of the Army’s handful of qualified Special Warfare SERE Instructors of the time.    

Dale Fricke Holsters
Dale Fricke has built a reputation for top quality kydex holsters over a number of years. His shop is a family run business in Bozeman Montana. We sell his Zacchaeus holster for Glocks, but we urge you to check out the rest of his product line or approach him with your custom needs. You can find him on the web at
Harper Works
Harper Works is a family owned business located in California (run by two brothers, who would have thought?). They produce all of our stamped aluminum parts including our internal frame pack stays. They have produced stays for a number of top brands. Most recently, they produced all of the ILBE stays.